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Washing Instructions for garments embroidered with Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon® 

Home Laundering : All embroidered garments should be washed with a mild laundering detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or optical brightening agents. If bleach is required for washing, use non-chlorine bleach in accordance with product instructions. Machine wash cold water and delicate wash cycle. If color residue appears in water, rinse first with lukewarm water and then cold water several times until rinse water becomes clear. Remove promptly after wash cycle completion. Never leave any piece of embroidered clothing soaking in water or lying in a pile when wet.
Do not wring out the embroidered articles. Do not rub stained embroidery.

Dry Cleaning / Industrial Laundering : Embroidery may be dry cleaned, however, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning.

Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned. Avoid use of pre-spotting agents.

Garments that are embroidered with Super Strength Rayon® can be industrially laundered when proper procedures are followed as outlined by the International Fabricare institute. 

Ironing : Embroidered fabrics should always be ironed on the reverse side. it is recommended to iron embroidery between two pieces of cloth.
it is not recommended to wet embroidery prior to ironing or to use a steam iron.

Note : Normally the care label instructions pertain to the garment, not the embroidery, Special care should be taken when laundering embroidered garments.

Due to the differences in computer monitors and computer video cards,

the colors displayed below should be used only as guides.

Threads should always be matched to the appropriate physical color card.