Since 1958, Texas Art Embroidery has offered our vast national customer base, finely embroidered products manufactured with our golden rule in mind:

"Produce the highest quality embroidery possible, as we would expect to purchase for ourselves!"  

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It is this mantra, based on stringent detail and an unrelenting demand for unsurpassed clarity and crispness of design that has forged our reputation for consistently providing an embroidered product as our customers expect.

Texas Art Embroidery's seasoned staff of talented artists, skilled digitizers, and well trained operators continue to work hand in hand with a friendly veteran management team to provide the highest level of embroidery quality that we have been known for, now in our 56th year!

We operate over 200 sewing heads, 6 days a week, often 24 hours a day! Give us a try, and let us show you that we can provide you and your customer a quality of embroidery that would make it difficult to "go back" to the quality you've become accustomed to. We can make a big difference!

This is why Texas Art Embroidery continues to be referred to as 

"America's Premier Embroidery Company".