Texas Art Embroidery checks in every order received and matches the merchandise against your purchase order. We count every garment received for style, color and size accuracy. This usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. If there are any discrepancies (which actually happens very often), we will notify the salesperson or assistant, thus allowing you enough time to replace a shortage or defect in plenty of time to be included in the actual production run. Please note we cannot be held responsible for catching every manufacturers defect and it is possible we may not notice until the trimming and bagging stage. This process actually alleviates more work in unnecessary costs by Texas Art Embroidery, as we eliminate the costly routine of loading and then stripping machines due to shortages of goods not received. Also, we don't have to incur any additional "reset up" as well as ridding you of expensive overnight shipping charges on occasion, in order to meet the production cycle the next day at our factory.


Texas Art Embroidery has implemented a simple electronic system, whereby you will automatically receive an emailed acknowledgment of each purchase order.It will show date entered, ship - to addresses and design title. If there are any discrepancies please contact your customer service representative as soon as you receive it. Also, please note that as soon as your order ships by UPS, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment with all shipping information, including tracking number of each package. These two services have been invaluable and make each order a lot easier for our distributors to stay in the loop!


No charge on twill fabric swatches. There will be a $10 - $15 charge for samples on actual product, depending on the complexity.
Please inquire at order time.


​ As Texas Art Embroidery is a contract decorator, we don't supply the goods, and cannot be expected to produce a perfect rate of return on your decorating goods. Therefore, we must exercise a policy of allowing for a 2% spoilage factor on GARMENTS, BAGS etc.There is also a 4% spoilage factor for CAPS, as their curved shape dictates a more difficult environment. This policy means that Texas Art Embroidery is not responsible for reimbursing your company for rejects under the allowed spoilage factor. If we exceed the allowed percentage, we will reimburse or credit your account for all pieces above the allowable percentage in full. We will of course, re-embroider any goods under or over the spoilage margin for no additional cost. All goods will be only charged one time, of course.Example: you supply 144 caps. Our maximum allowable spoilage is 5 caps. Any spoilage over 5 caps, we will reimburse or credit your account for the cost of the caps.(plus will re-embroider all spoiled and replaced caps for no additional charge)Example: you supply 144 garments. Our maximum allowable spoilage is 3 garments. Any spoilage over 3 garments, we will reimburse or credit your account for the cost of a garments. (plus will re-embroidery all spoiled and replaced garments for no additional charge)


Please be advised that although the pricing of small quantities to be embroidered are noted in our price guide, there are numerous costs involved in processing any order other than just the sewing process.Therefore, please note there is a minimum charge of $10-$15 per order.The exact charge depends on the item and the total stitch count. Please inquire with your customer service rep for a firm price.


For the best possible results, please have your art emailed in vector format such as .eps, .ai or .cdr, converted to outlines. When providing such files, it is important to convert fonts to curves or create outlines for all text used. If you can only supply a raster file ( art that incorporates scanned in imagery, or art that is built in a pixel based program such as Photoshop, Fireworks or Photopaint such files are  .psd, .jpg, .gif, .png ) sometimes it is suitable but often it does not possess enough clarity to avoid having to draw the design from scratch. In those cases, additional art charges may apply at rate of $50/hour. Please contact your customer service rep for any appropriate charges.


Before submitting your purchase order, please review it for accuracy and detail. This includes the purchase order number, ship to address, item description, sizes, quantities and colors of the items to be embroidered, as well as the placement of the design or designs. In most cases, there are no charges for using two different multi color schemes for the same order: however, there will be a $15 charge per change beginning with a third color scheme. If the thread selection is to be left up to our account reps, the selection would befinal with no recourse as to the selection made. We are excellent at choosing coordinating tone on tone thread choices, but ultimately can not be responsible if after the fact you felt we should choose a different color. 


Any change or cancellations are subject to charges based on all costs incurred up to and including the date of the request. 


Returns are not accepted without a return authorization issued by the company. Requests for returns should be made within three days of receipt of shipment. Also, our service representative must be alerted to the problem upon receipt of the shipment.
​(Note: we cannot be responsible for items left in the warehouse 45 days) 


If you are somewhat displeased with your current embroiderer’s work on a certain design and wish to cross over to Texas Art Embroidery for the next run of that exact design, you will be charged a flat fee of $35 to digitize the design (up to 10,000 stitches). In this way, we can assure you of improved quality and you can avoid asking your customer for a second setup fee for the same design. (it would be helpful for us to see what was previously produced if at all possible). If you can only supply a raster file ( art that incorporates scanned in imagery, or art that is built in a pixel based program such as Photoshop, Fireworks or Photopaint such files are  .psd, .jpg, .gif, .png ) sometimes it is suitable, but often it does not possess enough clarity to avoid having to draw the design from scratch. In those cases additional art charges may apply at rate of $50/hour.

Please contact your customer service rep for any appropriate charges. 


Setup charges are for all the work involved to transform your art into a stitched interpretation. This file remains the intellectual property of Texas Art Embroidery and we typically do not release said files. It is held for the exclusive use for our customer for whom it was made and charged to. We guarantee that it will be available for a period of no less than five years. If there are extenuating circumstances for custom items you need embroidered elsewhere and need the DST file for that purpose, please contact our customer service representative to discuss.


Pertaining solely to all forms of patches or emblems. Every effort will be made to control production to the exact quantities ordered, however they are subject to a 5 to 10% over/under quantity and will be invoiced accordingly.


There will be no setup charge for repeat orders of the identical pattern. It must be the exact duplicate with no changes from the original purchase order.


Availability of production for an order needed sooner than our normal production time must be cleared with our office. Every effort will be made to meet the required ship date but could incur a rush charge.A lot will depend upon whether all goods reach our factory in ample time. It will also depend on whether the order is for a new design or a repeat, the number locations to be embroidered, the quantity of items and whether or not the incoming goods must be checked in for color, quantity, sizes, and style verification. (this often delays the process and a particular rush job may not allow for that)


All orders will be shipped (FOB Houston) by UPS, FedEx, local delivery service or requested carrier unless otherwise instructed. Please be aware that there will be a split shipment charge of $10 for each additional location starting with the second location.

For more than 12 different locations please check with your service rep. Also, if a shipment is to go to a residence, please advise since there will be an extra charge incurred and passed along to you, if we do not know before shipping. If palletizing is required please advise your customer service rep in advance and we will provide a quote based on specific requirements. Please inquireabout our FREE IN-BOUND FREIGHT program.


For credit worthy accounts, our normal terms are net 30 days. Original orders from new customers require a deposit of 60% with the balance paid upon completion prior to shipping. Please submit a complete credit application so that we may establish terms for your company. 


 We must assume that our customers have permission and are authorized to use the trademark on certain national brands, before submitting a design for reproduction. We will assume no responsibility or liability in any trademark or copyright dispute. All embroidered designs are custom made from details submitted to us by our customers. If it is determined that the design ordered may require licensed merchandise we will require a copy of the authorization or hold harmless letter.