EVERY ORDER shipped from AlphaBroder directly to Texas Art Embroidery will receive FREE IN-BOUND FREIGHT any day of the week.

Pack Separately. Ship Together. ( PSST Orders )


Simply order your quality blanks from SanMar  any day of the week and have them shipped to Texas Art Embroidery for decoration via the PSST shipping method.

When you place an order with any of these companies, and have the goods shipped to Texas Art Embroidery, the in-bound freight is

totally free, no matter what the value of the goods are, no matter how few pieces you order.... even one piece!

​Rest assured, we will continue to provide you with the highest quality embroidery available that you have come to expect from us.

Please call to inquire about program details.

Texas Art Embroidery is happy to offer our customers a FREE IN-BOUND FREIGHT PROGRAM through these well known and valued wearable suppliers.

Enhance your program business with FREE IN-BOUND SHIPPING on all Vantage proprietary brands as well as stocked Greg Norman, adidas, Izod and Eagle.

Orders ship from Vantage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The cut-off time for

placing orders to ship on those days is 3:00 p.m.

ET. Transit time to Texas Art Embroidery in Houston is 4 days.

Freein-bound freight program is valid for regular-priced merchandise featured in the Vantage and Greg Norman corporate catalogs.

Headwear and t-shirts are excluded.

Orders must be placed on vantageapparel.com to qualify for free in-bound freight.