Will be based on the simplicity or complexity of the details as well as the amount of stitching.

Prices are determined by adding the length plus the width and dividing by 2.

EXAMPLE: 3”+ 5”=8”. 8” divided by 2= 4”.

Plastic and heat-seal backing for the emblems are priced separately.


Up to 7 colors of vibrant rayon thread.

Add .20 per emblem for each additional color over 7 and 15% per emblem for use of metallic threads.


There is a possibility of an  over or under run of  5%.

Rayon is the standard thread used unless polyester is specified which could alter the prices shown.

Please call the factory for the pricing on less than minimum quantities shown or quantities more than 3,000.


No charge for e-mail photo of actual emblem.  3 - 5 working days.

Add $25 for actual sample.  10 working  days.

No charge for e-mail of actual sample. 


Approximately 10 - 15 working days after approval of sample. 

The combination is ageless and limited only by your imagination!

Embroidered Emblems

Embroidered Emblems are the time-tested answer to identifying your company or club with the look of a distinct richness over other decoration methods. Embroidered Emblems continue to be a mainstay in the industry due to the multitude of applications to many wearables such as caps, shirts, jackets, coveralls, bags, towels, blankets,and so many other items.