12,000 and up add .25 per 1,000 stitches.


 Will be based on the simplicity or complexity of the details as well as the amount of stitching. 

Please call for quotes for pricing of quantities over 500.  For designs over 12,000 stitches, add .25 per thousand additional stitches.

Please refer to the General Information Section under SPOILAGE FACTORS regarding products made of OTHER fabrics.


Pricing includes up to a maximum of 9 different shades of thread and pertains to embroidery on products that our ASI Industry considers to be made of STANDARD materials such as Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Light-weight Totes and Unlined Jackets that are made of  100% Cotton or Cotton/Polyester blends.

Extra colors add $.07 per color per garment.

For metallic threads add 5-25% per garment based on % requiring metallic thread.


Add $.30 per piece for individual folding and bagging.

Add $.25 per piece for individual folding and bagging with customer supplied bags.



Softest in the industry and allows for tight registration.


Prevents stitches from falling in the weave. Maintains clarity and crispness. 

Contact factory for details such as multiple color schemes, spec samples, spoilage factors, etc.

Direct Embroidery to Wearables

Texas Art Embroidery will embroider directly to your wearables with the same fine clarity and crispness of detail that our reputation has been built on for over 56 years! Coordinate your Contract Embroidered shirts, coveralls, bags, towels, blankets, pants and more with Contract Embroidery Direct to Caps.