With our entry into Contract Embroidery of Emblems, Texas Art Embroidery introduced DIGITAL EMBROIDERY.
Texas Art Embroidery was one of the first embroidery companies to purchase highly technical embroidery digitizing computer hardware and software.
Texas Art Embroidery believes in continued efforts to enhance the value of the completed embroidered product by proper equipment maintenance as well as the acquisition of new state-of-the-art higher speed multi-head embroidery machines and up to date computer equipment.
‚ÄčEmbroidery has remained and will continue to remain as a mainstay in the industry due to the multitude of applications to items such as
Embroidered Emblems, CapsShirts, Coveralls, Bags, Towels,Blankets, Appliques, Keytags, Luggage Tags, Sweatbands and

‚ÄčFoto-Print Emblems.

Embroidery produced in-house at Texas Art Embroidery or embroidered in our overseas plant comply to our rigid specifications and are of the highest quality offered at the most competitive prices.

Depend on Texas Art Embroidery for quality embroidered products, in a timely manner, offered at competitive pricing.

Founded in 1958, Texas Art Embroidery  was primarily a

'chain-stitching' embroidery operation concentrating on the highly popular
bowling shirt business.

Texas Art Embroidery rapidly grew its market to include the sporting good industry.
Little League uniforms, at that time, included intricate full front embroidery designs like those of Major League Baseball.